Get Out Onto The Beaches With This Metal Detectorist’s Comp!

If you love the outdoors, we’ve got just the competition for you! It’s said that wherever you are in the country, you’re never more than about 35 miles from the sea. We’ve no idea exactly how true that is, but it’s frequently thrown about as fact. Let’s hope it’s true, because we’ve got a great opportunity for you to get out on the beach and enter a brilliant competition at the same time!

The Metal Detectorist’s Association Of The Midlands is running a promotion to encourage more people to get involved with the exciting hobby, where people look for valuable metals and historical artefacts on the nation’s beaches. From time to time you’ll read about people hitting gold (not literally!) by finding a valuable item while they’re our and about with their metal detector wandering around.

Once seen as a pastime for geeks in headphones, it’s not gaining momentum in the mainstream, particularly for those who want to get a little fitter and make a few new friends. Even if you know nothing about the sport (yes, it’s considered a sport for many!), it’s easy to get started. You can learn the basics about the metal detectors on the web, with amazing sites like providing a huge amount of information about how they work and what to buy. You don’t need to invest straight away, as there are plenty of people joining in with this initiative to get you started, and many of them have multiple detectors on hand for you to use on the open day.

You don’t need to do much other than turn up either, just look for your nearest event at the national website for metal detecting and join in the competition!